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Finals Week Banger: Miike Snow – Silvia (Tony Senghore & Savage Skulls Remix)

Posted in Music by Impresario on December 14, 2010

If you guys are anything like me, than that probably makes you a college student first of all. And if you’re a college student, well…it’s that time of the semester again: FINALS WEEK HELL WEEK. So since I know all you darling dancers are grindin’ in the library or wherever so that you can take those good grades home to Mommy and Daddy so they keep paying for your tuition. SO with all that nonsense being said (sorry adderall’s kickin’ in), there is no better way to get hyped up to study or to take a test than to listen to a sweet bangin bumpin wumpin thumpin dance tune. And lucky you guys, there’s two guys named Tony Senghore and Savage Skulls who make songs for this exact reason (sorta). OK enugh BS. This remix is 5 stars, and if you’ve heard their remix of Teddybear’s Rocket Scientist, than you know what to expect. Lovely synth harmonies and vocal melodys which shepard you right into some fuckin bad ass tech house. ENJOY! Good luck on tests and shit!

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