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Disco Dojo Must-Have Mix 01

Posted in Mixes, Uncategorized by Impresario on February 4, 2011


…Unfortunately, many folks do  NOT [<–LAME-Os >:0( ] like mixes because of their length, their lack of track distinction, and several other factors that are actually what make mixes AWESOME!. That’s the point of a mixtape!, so that you have to sit down and actually LISTEN to the music!. We dunno about ya’ll, but not having to change or worry about the song for an hour or whatever makes life so much easier. So now! We … (THE DISCO DOJO) … are going to start a semi-bi-weekly-daily mix feature! AKA whenever we find the MOST crucial mix with the MOST party worthy big bangin jamz (OR get EXCLUUUZZZIVE DSCO DJO MIXES)…well. WE GOT YOU. And for all you simians…that means that the Disco Dojo has your party tunes copped chopped and flopped for so you can get it crackin like lobstaz.

What a horrible introduction…who let that drunkard on stage? Anyway…a little birdie swooped into the Dojo and brought us our OFFICIAL FIRST*  mix of the “OFFICIAL DISCO DOJO EVERY-So-OFTEN MIX SERIES”

Expertly crafted, masterfully mixed… the MOST EXCELLENT folks at The Smash Group [follow them on Twitter: @thesmashgroup / Like The Smash Group on Facebook ] and the BIG homie @jacobagramon bring you… The Smash Group January 2011 Mix. Packed front to back with essentials…We dunno what else to say.

So for now, we just ask that you press play, go about your usual business…and rage on///

(*first mix – DJ Bobby Horton – Disco Dojo Minimix)

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