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Chaos In The CBD – “The Moving Image” EP

Posted in Music by Impresario on July 5, 2011

Biggup to our boys Ben and Lou aka Chaos In The CBD as they are releasing their freshmen EP on Youngunz “The Moving Image.” The two have released three of the cuts that will be on the record; and it is some serious heat.The title track “The Moving Image” is exactly that: moving. A deep riddim with tons of soul; just meserizing. “Birthday Song” is jackin’ as hell with no shortness of shuffle (can’t wait to drop that shit on MY 21st birthday shortly after this July 18th release). The last tune is “Tryna Get a Dub” and is an absolute heater. Starts off very clangy with lots of percussion riddims, and sounds very edgy (like Ben and Lou were outta weed when they started this track). But after the first drop when the synths and bass set the tune ever so smoothly-transitioned into a stoned and happy party starter. Just an awesome EP all around and I have completely forgotten to mention that there’s also gonna be remixes by uh, only Jim-E Stack, Submerse, Bambounou and the badman French Fries. We’ve been fans of these dudes for a long time so we’re excited to get this release.  BIGGUP CHAOS. SWAG OUT.

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